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Montréal, QC, Québec - Concordia University – Graduate diploma in Community Economic Development

Why pursue a graduate diploma in community economic development?

The Graduate Diploma in Community Economic Development (CED) program equips practitioners to strengthen local communities in an era of globalization and participate in the process of progressive social change.

Community economic development (CED) is understood, in its widest sense, as an emerging, diverse field of practice accompanied by analysis of the social-economic context. CED promotes a holistic approach to practice issues and recognizes the complex, long-term nature of individual and collective empowerment processes. CED as a means to achieve social justice goals is critically analyzed and challenged from a range of perspectives.

This program seeks to respond to the realities of community-based practitioners from a diverse range of fields. It is designed to enable participants to continue working while taking the program, whether pursuing the program on a full-time or half-time basis. The program is also structured to encourage Canada-wide participation while participants continue to be based and active in their home communities.