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The Pas, MB, Canada - University College of the North – Community Economic Development

University College of the North’s Community Economic Development two-year diploma program provides graduates with the knowledge and skills required for a range of employment and self-employment opportunities, including contributing to the health of the natural environment, building on community resources and capacities, increasing community control and ownership, and stabilizing local and community economies.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students will graduate with a Community Economic Development diploma. For those who choose to exit the program after successfully completing all the common courses in the first year, a certificate in Community Development may be obtained.

Employment opportunities for graduates may be found in northern community projects, sustainable development programs, programs to support and conserve traditional indigenous knowledge, and land claims negotiation teams, youth development programs and community wellness development. Other opportunities include economic development practitioner positions, community development positions and First Nations and northern community administration positions, as well as consultancies.