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Fredericton, Canada - University of Fredericton – Online MBA with a specialty stream in Social Enterprise Leadership

Upcoming Start Dates: September 8, November 30

Application deadlines are one month prior to the intake date. Start dates are subject to change.

Why this program is needed A Social Enterprise (SE) is generally understood to be a business operated or owned by a non-profit organization, established at least partly to supplement its public funding and charitable donations. The growth of the Social Enterprise sector is strong, and the need for capable and seasoned leaders even stronger. But leading such businesses is arguably more complex than leading a for-profit business - rather than having a single focus on profitability, Social Enterprise executives must achieve a “blended value” return on investment, balancing sustainable profitability with a social mission. Thus, in response to the growing demand for SE leaders, and the complexity of SE leadership, this program has been developed with the advice of some of Canada’s leading practitioners to meet the sector’s specific needs.

For whom this program is designed Our online MBA with a focus in Social Enterprise Leadership is designed for early-career professionals and managers of non-profit organizations and social enterprises who aspire to lead their businesses towards much higher performance. It begins with coverage of fundamental management essentials such as financial, analytical and decision-making skills, and knowledge of an organization’s core functions and interactions. The program goes much further than that. Its core focus is on leadership techniques, especially collaborative leadership in the complex context of dual objectives and multiple stakeholders; but it augments this core focus with a series of specialty courses focused exclusively on the needs of Social Enterprise leaders.

Our goal is to prepare early-career professionals and managers for senior leadership positions, for success in those positions, all without interrupting their career momentum. To accomplish our educational goal we employ a variety of educational tools and techniques, including some of the most advanced online teaching and learning applications available, and a carefully designed suite of courses delivered in a focused and flexible schedule. MBA program students are exposed to additional per-course-credit hours to allow for broader and more detailed instruction.

Timeline There are fourteen courses: ten foundation courses, three specialization courses including one elective, and one capstone integration project (see Curriculum below). Courses are completed in an eleven-week fixed-agenda format. If courses are taken in a typical eleven-week fixed-agenda format, the duration of the MBA program is three years, six months. Students are also able to double-up on courses (depending on availability), which shortens the program duration.

The Online Experience To maximize the global learning experience throughout the program our students will participate in « live » seminars and/or conferences with experienced leaders from global organizations. Our students and faculty are not limited by geographical boundaries, providing a new educational experience that allows learners to think with a global perspective while working on case studies and projects with other colleagues from around the world.

Admission Requirements Individuals who wish to apply to the MBA program for Social Enterprise Leaders will have an undergraduate degree and at least one year of full-time work experience. For further information, please visit the Requirements section of our website.

Tuition Tuition for the Master of Business Administration Degree Program is $19,000 CDN. Tuition is payable up-front or course-at-a-time. Students may pay tuition course-at-a-time or by installment. More information can be found on the Tuition section of our website.

Post-Degree Diploma Credit Transfer Students holding a one-year Post-Degree Diploma from a Canadian Public Community College are eligible for a unique MBA credit transfer. Applicants could receive a maximum of two (2) course credits towards an MBA, reducing the program tuition and duration! For more information, please email