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The Common Wealth Network for People-Centred Development (COMMACT)

COMMACT - The Common Wealth Network for People-Centred Development is a supportive network of practitioners and promoters of people-centred development enables the sharing of experience among them generates and disseminates information among its members and to the wider public facilitates practical links between projects and organisations involved in people-centred development in both the North and the South; promotes and advocates for policies and practices which give reality to people-centred



COMMACT envisions people-centred development (PCD) as a process of empowering and enabling poor and marginalised individuals, groups and communities:

  • to expand their personal and collective skills, capacities and resources;

  • to gain voice, dignity and respect;

  • to achieve autonomy in their decision-making capabilities;

  • to participate fully and actively in wider society;

  • to ensure that the development of society as a whole is sustainable and equitable;

  • to increase the control they have over their lives.