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EVERS & JUNG is not only a consulting firm and a research company, but also a think tank as well as a solution finder. We work for financial institutes, economic promoters and ministries. We develop concepts, financial products and measures for the promotion of micro, small and medium-sized private companies. We examine topics from completely different perspectives. This way we can develop exceptional solutions which benefit all participants. It’s one of the founders of the European Network of Microfinance.

Documento de análise/working paper/articulo

Documento de análise/working paper/articulo

  • Finance for local development: New solutions for public-private action

    This handbook, one of the outcomes of a project “Getting the Framework Right: Public Support Strategies and Measures for Local and Micro-finance” shows good practice internationally in public support for local and micro-finance; and how to develop and implement policy instruments to give effective support to local and micro-finance in one’s own territory.


    INAISE, NEF, Fondazione Choros, Evers&jung