Wealth, money and power: the ephemeral “Argentinean miracle” of the exchange networks

This text is Heloisa Primavera’s presentation during the introduction to the National Day of Solidarity-Based Barter and Economy, organized on 6 September 2002 by the Instituto del Conurbano, the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento and the PNUD. It was one of the reports from the panel on the phenomenon of money within barter networks and contributes to an understanding of the Argentine « case » from a more anthropological and predictive perspective.

Heloisa Primavera, décembre 2002

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The text provides a specific reading of social money phenomenon as a collective construction within barter networks, tracking its evolution: birth, apogee and crisis. To do so, the text proposes the following plan: opening up a new dialogue on what seems obvious; a possible re-reading of barter networks: money and power; Californian airs on the economy and on politics; making visible the feminine in politics, from the economic point of view; what the press does not show and what is not investigated: the Rising Sun theorems; David and Goliath, third millennium style; bibliography.