Ethical and responsible consumption

Synthesis of reflections on contemporary consumption culture and of the individual and collective actions for promoting a ethical and responsible consumption. The synthesis was presented during the plate-form for " Ethical consumption " for the Alliance for a responsible and united world.

Nelson Dielh, octobre 2000

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The actual globalization process spreads an of individual consumption maximization culture through technology and electronic media. The modern human being is dependent on disposable goods. The modern society has reduced its socialisation process to the exaltation of objects and has transformed individuals into spectators. This consumption culture participates to the growing desequilibrium in between the North-South relation. This generated at the global scale important social, human, cultural, environmental, economical problems. Therefore we have to ask : Until when such human relations will be sustained ? Is this type of development desirable ?

Attitudes have to be changed, but it cannot be limited to buying ecological products. A politically alternative development model has to be based on sustainability criteria, inspired by a debate on the ethics.