Proposals Paper for the Twenty-first Century: Women and the Economy

This Proposals Paper summarizes the work of the Women and the Economy workshop, in which more than 50 people took part via an electronic forum, and two meetings, one in Paris between October 9 and 11, 2000, and the other in Havana between April 9 and 11 2001.

Josée Belleau, Cécile Sabourin, novembre 2001

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Women live, work and produce in strongly contrasting conditions. However it seems that they share an understanding of fundamental problems and of the need to transform the theories and practices of economics. They share a consensus on the objectives of equality for men and women as well as the inclusion of the value « solidarity » in economic relationships and structures. Economic autonomy, freedom of expression, and liberty are equally at the heart of the personal and collective aspirations of women. They demand to be considered as persons and citizens in the full sense of the word. The value of « solidarity » is not a cure-all; women have known the power and the limits of the term solidarity within human relationships for a long time. However, they consider it a fundamental value for renewing economic relationships among people. The relationship of women with the economy is part of an overall vision of society and a holistic concept of the human being.