Let’s “Do-It-Ourselves”: Building a Participatory Economy in South Asia

Think pieces for the UNRISD conference “Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy”. 6-8 May 2013

Bryn Gay, Chatrini Weeratunge, maio 2013

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Resumo :

This think piece examines principles of the participatory economy (“parecon”, including fair trade and collective rights) to envision a social-justice-based framework that addresses the shortcomings of the current capitalist trading system, which largely excludes small-scale producers. Expansion of parecon relies on worker solidarity and shared, socially responsible values along the supply chain. Women producers play integral roles in sustaining agriculture, ensuring food security for their families and communities, and strengthening solidarity for a participatory economy. Initiatives from Sri Lanka and India offer evidence of the creation of parecon producer networks, yet further efforts could enhance women’s inclusion.

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Unrisd website www.unrisd.org/en/library/blog-posts/lets-do-it-ourselves-building-a-participatory-economy-in-south-asia

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