Working Paper Territory and Local Development: A Place-based Perspective

International Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy, FIESS 2011

Neil Bradford, outubro 2011

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The social and solidarity economy is above all the outcome of collective action at the local level. The most successful initiatives are rooted locally. What is the appropriate role of public authorities and civil society actors? This Working Paper offers a place-based development perspective to conceptualize the social and solidarity economy as an

innovative and inclusive response to contemporary globalization. Situating the movement in the context of three major research traditions in local and territorial development – economic geography, community development, and new public governance – the discussion paper explores links between models of participatory governance and a comprehensive policy agenda for advancing the social and solidarity economy. Key challenges are identified for both governments and local communities, and strategies for moving forward are proposed. In the past decade, important elements of this agenda have been taken up by governments around the world and the Working Paper highlights several promising innovations.

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