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Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women

Aricle of Kedistan, Nov 8, 2017

novembre 2017

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Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women. Two Testimonies.

Following the adoption of the democratic confederalism paradigm by the PKK in 2005 as a continuity in the political evolution begun in the nineties, the legal Kurdish movement in Northern Kurdistan (Turkey) began a process of autonomization from the Turkish State. Legal Kurdish Parties notably sought to organize governing structures parallel to those of the State. The first neighborhood councils were established at that time, tasked – among other things – with resolving conflicts outside the Turkish judiciary system. In 2007 the DTK1was founded as a kind of proto-parliament, bringing together all political and associative initiatives in Northern Kurdistan. After 2015, State repression would target the DTK specifically.