STRATEGY FOR KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER OF SOCIAL FINANCE Best practices of Québec and strategy for adaptation to Seoul

Résumé :

The fact that CITIES’ first major project has focused on social finance is significant. The internationalization of social finance is a central pillar for the construction of the social economy and, more globally, of a sustainable and equitable development model for our cities and our nations. As we all know, the current economic model is based on the internationalization of the economy in which international finance plays a domi- nant role. It is abundantly clear that the goal of the traditional financial sector is not the building of healthy and sustainable cities. On the contrary, too many decisions taken according to the priorities of international finance have brought harm and hardships to many people and communities. By according a priority to knowledge transfer that sup- ports an ecosystem of social finance, CITIES is making a clear statement in favor a new approaches and innovations in the heart of the economy.