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Reviewing the Role of South-South Triangular Cooperation and Alliance to Fight against HIV/AIDS with Special Reference to the Initiatives of India and Africa

de Futuro del Trabajo: Buenas Prácticas de Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular (CSST) en Economía Social y Solidaria

Somnath Chatterjee, octobre 2019

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This Collection of 54 Good Practices focuses on solutions that illustrate SSTC good practices to promote decent work in social economy. It is aimed at expanding understanding of South-South and triangular cooperation at the global and regional level by providing a sound basis for discussion, but it is not exhaustive.

Here, the collaborative task includes India in representation through Indian pharmaceutical companies, Africa and under supervision of UNAIDS and WHO. The Indian pharmaceutical companies convey ordinary pharmaceutical products that have been instrumental in scaling up access to HIV treatment in making countries.

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