Chapter 24 - FOOD AS COMMONS :Towards a new relationship between the public, the civic and the private


Olivier De Schutter, Ugo Mattei, Jose Luis Vivero Pol, Tomaso Ferrando, 2018

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After explaining in detail the pervasive effects of treating food merely as a commodity, this concluding chapter unfolds the tricentric governing model that could steer a fairer and more sustainable transition towards food systems that can nourish the entire human population, thrive within planetary boundaries and be regenerative enough to guarantee that our grandchildren will be able to feed themselves. An enabling public sector, a non-profit maximizer private sector and self-regulated civic collective actions are the three pillars of this model. There is a need of new norms, regulations, policies and subsidies to reach that goal. But first and foremost, there is a need to change the hegemonic social construct around food: from being merely treated as a priced commodity to being valued as a multi-dimensional essential with many economic and non-economic meanings. This book contributes to this re-valuation with solid rationales.

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