Coastal conservation mangrove reforestation in the Philippines


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The Coalition of Municipal Fisherfolk Associations (COMFAS) was formed by fishers’ organizations to tackle illegalities and degradation of natural resources. COMFAS works closely with the Xavier Agriculture Extension Service Foundation Inc. and mobilizes support from the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation, AsiaDHRAA and local governments for its coastal conservation mangrove reforestation activities.

COMFAS has successfully rehabilitated 15,000 out of 40,000 hectares of denuded mangrove areas in the province. The rehabilitated mangroves serve as a significant carbon sink—i.e., they help capture the CO2 in the atmosphere that brings about global warming.

The mangroves also protect the coastal areas against storm surges from annual typhoons, they serve as breeding grounds of fish and other aquatic animals, they are currently being developed as eco-tourism sites. The COMFAS initiative has also contributed to the re-establishment of a climate of peace in the province.


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