Social Economy barometers in Romania 2021 – access to finance, public social procurement

Ancuta Vamesu for Alaturi de Voi Foundation Romania,, avril 2022

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The last research reports on social economy in Romania are now available in English:

– ‘Barometer of the Social Economy in Romania’ – research report including survey results of over 100 social economy enterprises in Romania in pdf

– ‘Socially Responsible Public Procurement Barometer in Romania’

– ‘The Barometer of the Access to Financing of Social Economy Enterprises from Romania’

Ancuta Vamesu has coordinated these reports for Alaturi de Voi Foundation Romania, which runs the Social Enterprises Accelerator in Romania.

In Romania, the social economy has existed for a long time. The social economy Law No 219 of 2015, has only given official recognition to this sector. Entities of the social economy: cooperatives, agricultural companies and cooperatives, mutual aid funds, associations and foundations operate according to specific framework laws, all after the political changes in 1989 modernized to some extent the specific legal framework. They were added by the social economy Law, the companies certified as social enterprises, which by their statutes commit themselves to comply with and report on this, the principles of the social economy and the criteria of social enterprise laid down by law.

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