Legal Compendium on the Social and Solidarity Economy

ILO - Cooperatives and the World of Work No. 15

maio 2022

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Resumo :

In March 2021, at its 341st Session, the Governing Body decided to place on the agenda of the 110th Session (2022) of the International Labour Conference (ILC) an item related to decent work and the social and solidarity economy (SSE), for a general discussion.

The Office has prepared a Report Decent work and the social and solidarity economy to inform this general discussion. The target audience for the Report includes the ILO constituents, namely delegates from governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations who will deliberate on the suggested points of discussion presented at the end of the paper. The resolution and the conclusions that should emerge from the committee are expected to inform an office-wide plan of action.

The Office Report has developed a proposed definition of the SSE based on the available SSE legislation. This legal compendium is intended to serve as a reference for ILO constituents as they prepare for the general discussion at the ILC.

The compendium :

● Selects and reviews existing SSE legislation that has been adopted to date;

● Presents the values, principles and organizational types as reflected in the above-mentioned legislation;

● Provides a comparative analysis of SSE legislation adopted to date, especially in terms of definition of the SSE, values, principles, organizational forms that constitute part of the SSE and policy measures included as provisions in the legal texts.

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