Food system social innovators. Experiences from Wroclaw, Poland

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When we order or buy food, very often we have little information or idea where the ingredients were produced and who took care of planting, nursing, harvesting, and delivering them. Today’s food supply chains are so long that it is sometimes impossible for the buyer to track back the place of origin of food. Food travels many miles to reach consumers around the world. Modern food systems include many actors involved at various stages of long supply chains. Also the consumer behaviour is changing. In general, as global societies, we consume more meat than ever before while being more and more conscious about this diet’s impact on the environment. Modern food systems are far from being perfect and even far from being just and fair towards people as well as environment. Therefore, there is a high need for innovations in food systems that would offer the alternatives to the current food system or simple but working solutions on how to improve the system’s elements. The aim of this contribution is to present food system social innovators from the city region of Wroclaw in Poland as an inspiration for simple solutions that are easy to apply in other settings in order to overcome the challenges for the sustainable food systems.

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