Cooperative housing advances with the assembly of the REAS Housing Group in Zaragoza

Article of RIPESS Europe newsletter, Februrary 2023

fevereiro 2023

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The Working Group of Cooperative Housing (Vivienda cooperativa en cesión de uso) of REAS Network of Networks, has celebrated this Saturday, February 4, its biannual assembly in the cooperative pole of Zaragoza. The full-time session consisted of sharing the dynamics of the different territories, making an assessment of the successful Barcelona Forum, analyzing the situation of the model and the ecosystem, as well as addressing the planning and work budget for the year 2023. Likewise, the group has specified the next steps for the promotion of the model and the projects in three axes of action: the structuring and articulation of the ecosystem, the strategy of political advocacy and regulatory development, in addition to dissemination and communication.

The Housing Group of REAS Aragón has been in charge of hosting this weekend in Zaragoza the celebration of the interterritorial and sectoral meeting of the Working Group of cooperative housing in REAS Network of Networks of Alternative and Solidarity Economy. It has had the representation of people, projects and networks from ten Autonomous Communities (Cantabria, Euskadi, Navarra, La Rioja, Aragón, Cataluña, Castilla y León, Illes Balears, Madrid and the Canary Islands), and is in the process of welcoming more territories with the generation and promotion of autonomous working groups in REAS, which can serve as close spaces of articulation, cooperation, learning, advocacy and dissemination.

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