Habitat International Coalition (HIC)

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Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is an independent, nonprofit alliance of organizations and individuals working in housing and human settlements for more than 30 years.

This global network for the right to habitat with social justice is composed by social movements, social organizations, community-based organizations, support groups, activists and academics. The strength of the Coalition is based on its worldwide membership and on the fact that it brings together a range of civil society groups. Dedicated to advocacy, empowerment of the poor and the discriminated, solidarity networking, popular mobilization, debate, training and analysis, HIC works to unite civil society in a shared commitment to ensure sustainable habitat and a livable planet for all. Its work focuses on defending and implementing the human rights linked to housing and habitat; i.e., land, housing, clean water, sanitation, a healthy environment, access to public goods and services; e.g., health, education, transport and recreation; access to livelihood and social protection, pluralism and the preservation of social, natural, historic and cultural patrimony.

Since the ’80 HIC has been developing special capacities seeking gender equality, in a balanced articulation between reflection and action on different issues: the rights’ approach, the right to the city, the social production of habitat, women and habitat and the sustainable habitat.

HIC specific work on the right to the city seeks to deepen the analysis and the actions on the proposal of building more just cities worldwide. HIC has been committed since decades in the creation of a theoretical and practical framework for the right to the city. The Coalition articulates and accompanies social movements and organizations in their struggle to achieve the realization of all human rights to ensure the collective well-being of inhabitants; the democratic management and the social function of the city. HIC is also aware of the global challenges facing worldwide on climate change and food sovereignty and the obvious impacts on the cities: the Coalition works on broaden exchanges between urban and rural movements.

In order to strengthen HIC support to social struggles for housing and land rights, there is a need to analyze the nature of civil society in urban and rural areas, understanding their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

HIC seeks to envision alternative ways, evolving bottom-up perspectives on governance and decision-making, empowering livelihoods, assets and shared knowledge, access to technology. HIC supports and nurtures grassroots movements in their self management initiatives to improve their life struggling for collective rights.

The Coalition articulates and supports people’s processes through specific instruments and actions for both governments, civil society organizations and others international networks, like the Urgent Action Appeals and the HICademy, as well as outputs to realize the human right to adequate housing and equitable land.

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