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Fondazione Choros

Fondazione Choros works for human global growth and promotes social economy and ethical finance at national and international level. Fondazione Choros intends to develop activities enhancing human, ecological, social and economic resources and promoting human development in the North and in the South

It pursues its purposes by means of:

* applied research and vocational training on sustainable development, ethical finance and social economy;

* financial support to innovative and socially relevant microcredit programmes;

* marketing and communication activities on microenterprise and microfinance issues in favour of associations, NGOs, social cooperatives fostering a positive dialogue between profit and nonprofit activities;

* fund raising activities in support of people in the South living in poverty and affected by war and serious social, economic and environmental crisis

Analysis document/working paper/article

Analysis document/working paper/article

  • Finance for local development: New solutions for public-private action

    This handbook, one of the outcomes of a project “Getting the Framework Right: Public Support Strategies and Measures for Local and Micro-finance” shows good practice internationally in public support for local and micro-finance; and how to develop and implement policy instruments to give effective support to local and micro-finance in one’s own territory.


    INAISE, NEF, Fondazione Choros, Evers&jung