Claudia Sanchez Bajo

CLAUDIA SANCHEZ BAJO is currently freelance researcher and consultant and chief editor of the Chine Actuelle review, Brussels. She worked at the information and advisory center of Argentina’s national parliament, then in teaching and research with various institutions in China, Germany and Brussels. She published, among other titles: The Political Economy of Regionalism – Business Actors in Mercosur in the Petrochemical and Steel Industrial Sectors in 2006 (Maastricht: Shaker Media, 2001), and contributed to The Political Economy of Regions and Regionalisms (Shaw, T, Boas, M, and Marchand, M. Ed, Palgrave, 2005). Her two main fields of research are the role of entrepreneurial actors in regional integration processes and cooperation processes between cooperatives (groups, chains etc).Chair of Cooperative Enterprises at the Business and Administration Department of the University of Winnipeg and from August 2013 lecturer at Pavia University, Italy.

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