Solidarity Socioeconomy as an Integral New System: Global Vision

Global vision of the solidarity socio-economy, prepared for the WSSE Dakar, Senegal meeting, Nov 19-21, 2005 (summary version).

November 2005

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Summary :

The texts presented in the document are: A Global Vision of a Solidarity Socio-Economy - reflections for discussion; The Perception of Gender in the Solidarity Socio-Economy; Towards a Vision of a Solidarity Socio-Economy; Building an SSE based upon Solidarity Inclusive Communities; Solidarity Economy: Towards a New Civilisation in the World, in Peru, in Communities; The Human Dimension as the Axis of a Vision of an SSE; Socio-Economic Security; Scarcity, Abundance and Moderation; Fair Trade (within the SSE), Global and Local; The Solidarity Economy, Networks and Cycles: the Force of the Imagination; The Solidarity Economy and the Various Modes of Living in Dignity; Governance and Solidarity Socio-Economy.