Regulatory system; International Money; Development Finance

A contribution by Reinaldo Gonçalves, Full Professor of International Economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and member of PACS - Institute of Alternatives Policies for the Southern Cone, to the « Towards a sustainable finance » workshop. The aim of the text is to examine some basic issues related to the functioning of the international monetary and financial systems.

Reinaldo Gonçalves, February 2002

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The text also puts forward a number of proposals relating to the international monetary and financial systems. Issues and proposals are dealt with from the viewpoint of the South. More specifically, from the perspective of a developing country with profound and wide integration in the international financial system and a high degree of dependency on the performance of the international monetary system. In addition, the underlying approach of the analysis is that of international political economy.The text is divided into three sections: Regulatory System; International Money and Development Finance.