The Economy of Labor

The Economy of Labour text discusses the limits and uncertainties of the capitalist economy, highlighting the main methods for dealing with them. The possibility is raised of developing an economy centred on labour in order to satisfy everyone’s needs and promoted by several solidarity-based relationships. The economy of labour system would have the capacity to take action and to breathe life into projects that promote quality of life in a more egalitarian, fairer and self-determined society.

Jose Luis Coraggio, January 2003

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Summary :

The economy of labor can only be fully understood if contrasted with the economy of capital because it is a possibility to be developed from the contradictions within the capitalist system, which is today undergoing an uncertain transition towards another system-world. Changing the structures of the current system in favor of the majorities cannot be achieved by uni-dimensional programs (two favorite formulas are the granting of micro-credits and the provision of training for new jobs by “recycling” human resources). It requires a coherent strategy supported by significant resources, which at the same time entail a change in the correlation of forces between social majorities and minorities. A confrontation will thus take place in the public sphere between the logic of the economy of labor and the logic of capitalist economy.