Workshop on Social Finance and Social Ties - Kashf Foundation, Lahore Pakistan

In parallel with the dynamics of the solidarity socioeconomy pole and the solidarity Finance workshop, a working group (FPH, CIDR, Intercoopération suisse, IRAM, FINANSOL) met regularly, since March 2000, to think about the connection between solidarity finance and social links.

June 2002

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Summary :

The last stage of this collective work process was the workshop organized by the « Solidarity Finances and social links » group between 2nd and 5th July 2002 in Dourdan, drawn on either case study analysis and participants contributions, resulting from various IMF from North and South.

The meeting’s objective was to establish, toward practitioners, decision-makers and backers, a list of recommendations about methods to preserve and reinforce social links through the solidarity finance institutions.

Participants debated the nature of social links, social capital and values on which they are based on.

In this document, the Kashf Foundation (Lahore, India) is presented. Horizontal and vertical social links are observed. The interaction between social capital and microfinance institutions is analysed.