Case study « Microfinance and Social Ties »: WAGES (Togo) and FDEA (Senegal)

Presentation of NGOs WAGES (Women and Associations Gain Both Economic and Social) and FDEA (Femme Développement Entreprise en Afrique).

Yves Fournier, April 2002

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Summary :

In parallel with the dynamics of the solidarity socioeconomy pole and the solidarity Finance workshop, a working group (FPH, CIDR, Intercoopération suisse, IRAM, FINANSOL) met regularly, since March 2000, to think about the connection between solidarity finance and social links.

WAGES was formed in Togo thanks to CARE, to implement a microfinance project to help women. The first microfinance activities started in 1995.

FDEA was originally an initiative of one Senegalese woman. It is older than WAGES, with its first actions in 1987, and its microfinance activity helping women has developed principally since 1991.

Analysis of the social ties, of their features, common points and differences. Set of comparative tables on microfinance and the activities of the 2 institutions.