Democracy, Earth Rights, and the Next Economy

Twenty-First Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures October 2002, Amherst, Massachusetts

Alanna Hartzok, October 2002

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Summary :

In this lecture I will be addressing the land problem and how to solve it in such a way that we could release billions of dollars of funds to invest in the natural capitalism Amory Lovins described to you earlier today. Amory talked about low-cost bamboo strong enough to build houses. A little bit of land can provide enough bamboo to grow your house out of that land. But what if you have no land? I will also elaborate on the concept of earth rights, pinpoint the fatal flaw in democracy as currently constituted, explore the history of the problem, and, lastly, describe work in progress, all of which would seem to be essential building blocks of the Next Economy.

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