Resource-Based View (RBV) of Unincorporated Social Economy Organizations

Anserj, Vol. 4, No 1 Spring / Printemps, 2013 pp. 66 – 85

Kunle Akingbola, 2013

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Summary :

This article examines three related questions about unincorporated social economy organizations (USEOs):

What are the characteristics of these social economy organizations? What is the unique bundle of resources

that gives rise to and sustains their operations? Is there evidence of bricolage in these organizations? The

findings suggest that USEOs are driven foremost by a social mission. USEOs provide diverse services and

products including economic and specialized social activities, which are integral to the social fabric of society.

The results also show that they combine and leverage two core resources – social capital and human capital –

to support the operations of their organizations. Moreover they appear to draw on whatever resources are at

their disposal to support the activities of the organization. This suggests that USEOs are involved in bricolage activities, which could explain the longevity of many of the organizations.