The Great Transition: Navigating Social, Economic, Ecological Change in Turbulent Times

Michael Lewis, Patrick Conaty, octubre 2009

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The UK like many nations is in the midst of a triple crunch – a coming together of credit-fuelled financial crisis, accelerating climate change and volatile energy prices underpinned by the approaching peak in global oil production. These are no longer abstract, distant issues of financial and environmental policy. They have real consequences for all of us.

But we can still make things right. If we are willing to give up pursuing economic growth for the sake of something much better, for ourselves, for society and for our planet, we can tackle climate change and create a more equal and happy society. The Great Transition shows why we need to get behind solutions that can deal with climate change, the economic crisis and are socially progressive. These are choices we must take, because ahead, both progressive and poisonous trains of political thought may emerge.

The report sets out a range of practical measures on housing, business, taxation, property, and energy policy to make the Great Transition to a new economy we urgently need.

The Great Transition ∞ is finding ways to survive and thrive through financial crises, climate change and the peak and decline of global oil production.