ROSCAs: An Instrument for the Sustainable Development of the Solidarity Economy

Submitted to the Asian Solidarity Economy Council, on the occasion of the 5th RIPESS International Meeting of SSE, Manila, Philippines, October, 15-18, 2013.

Valerie Siganga Mbamaonyeukwu, October 2013

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Summary :

Sustainable communities are developed within three main sectors, the public sector, the private sector and the social enterprise/solidarity economy. This paper shall focus on what can be done within the social enterprise/solidarity economy in Kenya, by evaluating the activities of two ROSCAs (Rotating Savings and Credit Associations) located in Kenya; Bahari Widow’s Group and Vakhana Vatecho group. Members of these groups belong to the same ethnic community - The Luhya Tribe. This article looks to explore a method of adapting an already existing community financial system into a tool to grow the solidarity economy value chain from the grassroots level.

Sources :

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