Timeline Construction Process as Systematization Instrument of Experiences in Solidarity Economy. Multidisciplinar and Integrated Core of Studies , Formation and Intervention in Solidarity Economy

4th CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy University of Antwerp, 24-26 October 2013

Danilo Malta Ferreira, Ioshiaqui SHIMBO, João Callil, Regina Gandolfi, October 2013

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Summary :

The systematization pf SSE experiences consists of several steps (registration, classification, validation and awareness etc.) and so it is desirable to be performed continuously. This process is educational for educators and workers and allows the (re) construction of social practices and means of working.

The objectives of systematization are: 1.Promote critical reflection on practice in order to improve it; 2.Disseminating the experiences and knowledge gained in order to inspire other experiences; 3.To help identify and reference the fields of research; 4.Collectively validate the knowledge and training practices; 5.Build technical tools and symbolic, in order to incorporate qualitative and quantitative indicators (sustainability socioeconomic, political, cultural, environmental, etc.) pointing to an assessment of education in social economy; 6.Build collective processes of training, consolidating networks, chains and exchange of experiences.

It needs different tools and instruments.

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