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Institutionalization of a technological incubator for popular cooperatives in a public university in Brazil as part of public policy

4th CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy University of Antwerp, 24-26 October 2013

Ana Lucia Cortegoso, Isabella Ap. Lussi, October 2013

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Summary :

The initiatives of finance and support of solidarity economy, aided by the unions, where more closely related to the formation of cooperatives and other forms of self-managed association founded from bankruptcy; nevertheless, it is possible to state that they also influenced the process of creating micro and small endeavors and urban and rural cooperatives not related to industries on the verge of disappearing.

Along with the ADS, other initiatives of support to solidarity economy where implemented in Brazil during the 1990’s, such as Popular Cooperatives Technological Incubators (ITCP). The ITCPs are organizations with links to colleges and universities that aim the usage of their human resources and the knowledge produced there to educate, qualify and advise workers in developing self-managed endeavors. They are based on the principle that the university, by proposing and executing a project to generate work and income, fully develops its precepts of university extracurricular activities.