Sitio de recursos de la economía social y solidaria

Summary of phase 1 of the web forum to prepare for the RIPESS meeting in Manila - Theme 2: SSE initiatives in the territories

5th RIPESS International Meeting of SSE, Manila, Philippines, October, 15-18, 2013.

Martine Theveniaut, octubre 2013

5ème rencontre du RIPESS Manila’13 - Bâtir l’économie sociale solidaire comme un modèle alternatif de développement - Manille, Philippines, 15-18 octobre 2013: Atelier : les expériences de l’ess dans les territoires

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Resumen :

The first phase of the prpepration of the workshop on territories has finishe.

This phase centred on the organisation of ties of solidarity at the grassroots level and local pacts as applied to two questions: how do producers and ethical consumers link up? How do (ethical) production and solidarity-based/social finance link up? It also asked how progress can be made on the local, national and international levels.