Prefinancing mechanisms for Fair Trade : 13 factsheets for companies and producer organisations

June 2015

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Summary :

This publication is the result of a study commissioned in 2014 by the French Fair Trade Platform (Plate-Forme pour le Commerce Equitable – PFCE), in partnership with Max Havelaar France and Ethiquable, on existing mechanisms for the pre-financing of agricultural production campaigns in the fair trade sector.

This study takes place in the context of a National Action Plan for Fair Trade in France (2013-2016), which encourages the development of funding (public and/or private) to meet the needs for prefinancing of importers and producers’ organizations.

The study thus sought to identify and disseminate good practices and innovative mechanisms for the pre-financing of agricultural production campaigns in fair trade.

The research was conducted by the CERISE network and led by a steering committee consisting of PFCE, Max Havelaar France, Ethiquable, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the French Development Agency, the Region Ile de France and the Crédit coopératif bank.

It led to the realization of these fact sheets presenting the offer of 11 financial institutions as well as 2 innovative financial tools, participative funding (or crowdfunding ) and employee savings. It has identifies recommendations to enhance, improve and disseminate good practices.

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