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Rethinking the World from the Perspective of Buen Vivir

Degrowth in movement(s): Buen Vivir

Alberto Acosta, agosto 2016

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How is the relation between the degrowth movement and other social movements and perspectives? What can the degrowth movement learn from these other movements? And the other way around, what can other social movements and perspectives learn from each other as well as from degrowth ideas and practices? What common proposals, but also which contradictions, oppositions and tensions exist? What alliances could be possible?

In 32 essays, representatives of different social movements, currents or initiatives discuss these and other questions.


Furthering degrowth’s horizons with Buen Vivir

We now face the essential challenge of ending the frenzy of economic growth or even achieving degrowth, particularly in the Global North. On a finite planet, there is no room for permanent economic growth.