Women’s Global Rio+20 Compilation Position Statement UN Conference on Sustainable Development Working Document Version 1. November 2011

This is a compilation of the Women’s Major Group Rio+20 position statements based on input from the March 2011 Women’s Major Group Position Paper, women’s statements presented at the Bonn UNDPI conference, the UNEP global Rio+20 consultation in Bonn and the Regional Rio+20 preparatory meetings in Santiago de Chile, Seoul, Cairo and Addis Ababa. This is a working document in continued progress. A globally developed summary of this document has been submitted as the Women’s Major Group submission for the zero-­‐draft document for Rio+20. This compilation document is an annex.

noviembre 2011

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Resumen :

Twenty years after the first Rio conference, great inequities remain. Social

and economic inequities are especially hard on women and children as they

form the majority of the world’s poor.

We agree to prioritize measures to assure equity, equality, social and

environmental justice as they are cornerstones for achieving sustainable

development globally.

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