Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation

September 2017

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Summary :

The Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation Version 0.1 has been written by people involved in a number of networks, initiatives and research groups that focus on initiating, facilitating and/or understanding transformative change and social innovation towards more sustainable, just and resilient societies.

Between 2014 and 2017 we collaborated in the TRANSIT research project. During these 4 years, a group of over 25 researchers studied 20 translocal networks, including over 100 initiatives spread across 25+ countries, mostly in Europe, Latin-America and a few other countries. Several hundreds of people involved in these initiatives and networks have cooperated with interviews, shared documents and welcomed researchers to participate in meetings and activities of these movements.

This manifesto is inspired by insights, examples and experiences from these networks and initiatives.

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