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Energy and Gender: Ecofeminist views on energy

Rapporteurship of the debate - Xarxa per la sobirania energètica. La Fede, April 24th 2017

abril 2017

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What can concepts such as ecologi- cal and care debt bring us?

Following the thread of the propo- sals posed by the feminist and eco- logical economy that organize work and resources around the reproduc- tion of the life, so, we can ask our- selves, what do we need the energy for? What uses do we prioritize?

Energy is at the service of large companies and of resource and wealth extraction. The energy sector is one (just as it was construction and housing) that allows the exponential genera- tion of pro t and nancialisation of the eco- nomy. In this sense, the energy uses related to the maintenance of life are of no interest. However, these are the same uses that, opera- ting under neoliberal logic, are extremely pro- table and a substantial business (for example those associated with the right to decent hou- sing, basic supplies, etc.). It is therefore key, to remove them from this market and commercial gain rational, in order to place them at the ser- vice of the citizens.

That being said, energy must be at the service of the people, putting life at the centre. Focu- sing on sustaining life and not at the service of capital. Energy should enable us to improve li- ving conditions of the people. Meaning that in the Global North it is necessary to cut down, so

Care debt, with an “ecological debt” vision, which is directly related to the fossil energy model and patriarchal capitalism, which puts forward a mercantilist rational and leaves out the reproduction of life. The impact of this model on territories and bodies-territories.

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