Introduction to the International Conference on Transformative Economy in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Summary :

The Asian Solidarity Economy Council hosted a two day International conference on Transformative Economy in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on Nov 12 & 13, 2019. The Conference was attended by 40 participants from eight Asian Countries namely South East Asia – Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia & Malaysia; from South Asia from India and Sri Lanka and from East Asia from Hong Kong, China and South Korea. There were also participants from Spain and Geneva.

The theme of this Conference was Revitalising Rural Economy through Social Solidarity Economy. Among ASEC partners it was felt that one of the major challenges in Asia is poverty and rising inequality. We observed that rural urban migration and urbanization expanding into rural areas impacting negatively local grassroots communities.

This conference was organised to draw lessons from grassroots community based initiatives within Asia which are undertaking alternative economic models from the ground upwards by community based initiatives as well as civil society led community projects.

We also felt that the findings of this International Conference could serve as input to the World Social Forum on Transformative Economies to be h