Envisioning Real Utopias

Erik Olin Wright, 2014

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Summary :

Why and how to get out of capitalism? What alternatives are already available? Can we, must we reinvent socialisms through concrete achievements? With which tools, what forms of action, what institutions? These are the vast questions, in solidarity with each other, to which this original and masterful book answers, a synthesis of an international and collective investigation lasting several years on the most current theories of emancipation as well as on many living projects of radical, or more gradual, transformation already observable in the social, economic and political fields.

All chapters available here: www.ssc.wisc.edu/~wright/ERU.htm

From a rigorous and sharp eye, called upon to found a new research programme on contemporary post-capitalist experiments, emerge a new conception of progress and its potential instruments as well as a scientific vision of how to overcome capitalism. Real utopias are neither for idealists nor for realists. It is the experiences lived, the bold projections that create the conditions as well as the forms of a better future, another possible future.

Sources :

www.ssc.wisc.edu/ wright/ERU.htm