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Care is work‚ Work is care

AA.VV., juin 2021

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This Project “The Future of Work – Labour after Laudato si’”, the structure of which as well as its goals and process are well articulated in Chapter 1, began in 2016. This was a time when, in public discourse and discussions at international gatherings, concerns were voiced about the urgent challenges of the environmental and climate change crisis, the anxiously anticipated impact of technological change, widespread rising inequality and the challenges of human mobility associated with work. We expected this to affect the well-being of all humankind as well as our relationship with the natural environment.

Today, at the completion of our work, we are living through the COVID-19 pandemic. The world of work has been particularly affected and is at the forefront of the crisis. This is already turning into a major social and economic upheaval, the consequences of which are likely to be massive and unevenly distributed. Some of the poorest and most vulnerable people are already suffering more than others. Responses from public authorities and civil societies will be critical, provided they are implemented in a coordinated, peaceful, and inclusive way. However, communities are inequitably equipped, and some are incapable of providing support to their members in facing threats to their health, lives and even more so, to their well-being and economic survival.