We stand with Mimmo Lucano

Article from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - October 2021

Jason Nardi, October 2021

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n a world riddling with injustices, it is really hard to acknowledge when some are perpetrated by the “public justice” systems of democratic states towards people who have sacrificed their life for the wellbeing of others, even if to do so they had to break some law that they found unjust. It’s the case of Mimmo Lucano, former mayor of Riace, a small town in the south of Italy, recently condemned to 13 years of prison for what we’ve now come to call “crime of solidarity and caring”: helping refugees and migrants find a place in an unwelcoming society and showing that it is possible also through forms of solidarity economy. It is not by chance that there has been a strong reaction by civil society in Italy and abroad, with demonstrations in many cities to “stand with Riace and Mimmo Lucano”. As networks and organisation that promote solidarity economy, we can only sympathize with Lucano and stand on his side to push the Italian justice to review the sentence without distorting the law with a political discriminatory act as was done in his case.

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