Perspectives on Solidarity Economy: Case Study of Self-Help Group in Melikan Village, Central Java

Asian Dialogue on Oeconomy Case Study Series No. 2009-08


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Resumen :

This paper is prepared to shed some light on Bina Swadaya’s community development approach that has evolved through the years since its establishment in 1967. Having been established with clear objectives of helping the poor, Bina Swadaya uses every possible opportunity to uplift the poor.

Bina Swadaya started its operations with a platform of people’s economy for a more equitable growth process. It then went on organizing farmers into affinity groups called Self-Help Groups to facilitate the delivery of technical assistance.

To illustrate Bina Swadaya’s approach towards community transformation, a case study of Margi Rejeki Self-Help Group is made. Members of Margi Rejeki could not access credit from the bank because they did not have collateral and the amount of loan they needed was too small for the bank to even consider.

Today, Margi Rejeki Self Help Groups have access to credit. The present case study tells the story of how they have succeeded in attracting working capital for their enterprises.