RIPESS’ work and resilience of local Social Solidarity Economy initiatives in the context of Covid-19

March 2022

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RIPESS wants to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals with all its members and in confluence with the institutions of the United Nations and other global networks and organisations through Social Solidarity Economy.

To this end, RIPESS Intercontinental has received, for the first time since its foundation 25 years ago, funding for a structured advocacy project from the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation.

The project “Advocacy for the promotion of Social Solidarity Economy as a strategy to achieve sustainable development (SDGs) in a post-Covid-19 context” reinforces RIPESS’ actions in promoting the Social Solidarity Economy, fostering cooperation between continents, and influencing public policies from local to global, especially women’s and minorities’ associations.

This guide shows a selection of regional and local actions implemented in the continents that have participated in the project, such as the systematisation of local experiences, mapping, training courses, etc.

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