Book : Exploring Degrowth

Vincent Liegey, Anitra Nelson, August 2020

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Summary :

Degrowth is a philosophy and movement aimed at reducing economic activity to avert climate catastrophe, while simultaneously improving well-being. While we work and consume less, we can still increase our happiness though devoting more time to culture, community and non-monetary pursuits.

This introduction to degrowth—in concept, practice, vision and strategies—draws on select works and the views of key advocates. It focuses on how to practice degrowth and reveals its organisational strengths and challenges which are inspired by diverse geographic and cultural contexts. It explains why the possibility of eternal economic growth under capitalism is erroneous and dangerous, whilst also challenging the left’s emphasis on reforms such as environmental regulation and redistributive social justice delivered by a state supporting economic growth.

Covering themes including horizontal democracy, local economies, the reduction of work and post-capitalism, this book shows why degrowth is a compelling and realistic project which should be taken seriously by all people looking to prevent climate catastrophe.

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