Social and solidarity economy conceptual contributions to the circular economy

Cuadernos de Administración (Universidad del Valle), vol. 37, no. 70

Luis Eduardo Malagón-Vélez, 2021

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Summary :

This reflection paper was born out of an analytical perspective-based conceptual systematization, and its objective is to bring together the historical and conceptual foundations of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) with the Circular Economy (EC). To that end, a theoretical approach to the historical and conceptual foundations of SSE is performed, which found SSE, in essence, as an alternative movement to the Capital Economy that prioritizes human wellbeing. On the other hand, a CE bases review yielded evidence that it arises as a new paradigm that changes how production systems relate to the environment by distancing itself from the linear production model and gearing itself towards a sustainable circular production cycle. Subsequently, the concepts are put to a discussion that found aspects that make them capable of complementing each other, where the trajectory of the SSE concept brings innovation into the CE from the social, economic, and political dimensions by distancing itself from competitiveness and profitability, so as to provide integral sustainability alternatives to the living conditions and evolution of today’s society.

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