Ambleside - IFLAS, University of Cumbria, UK – Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership

n this 5 day learning journey you will be challenged and supported in a highly inter-disciplinary exploration of both sustainability and leadership where orthodoxies will be deconstructed so you can more clearly identify a pathway for your future as a leader of social and organisational change. In particular, you will explore what leadership on Deep Adaptation to our climate crisis can involve. This concept is based on the perspective that societal breakdown is either likely, inevitable or already occurring. Given the emotionally challenging topic of the course, it includes diverse forms of experiential learning.

After the course, with no extra fee, you have the opportunity to join the tutors online for reflection on the application of your learning (two sessions, week commencing 9th August and 4th October, times to be confirmed), as well as a 1 day in-person ‘open-space’ conference in Lancaster, UK on 4th September (10am to 4pm).