SSE.E IVET : Training module 1. Social Solidarity Economy Values and Principles

Social Solidarity Economy in Europe : affirming a new paradigm trhough IVET curricula innovation

agosto 2018

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Since September 2016, RIPESS Europe has started to work with some of its members on Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) through an Erasmus+ project (“Social and Solidarity Economy in Europe: affirming a new paradigm through IVET curricula innovation”).

The countries directly involved in the project were: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Romania.

The partners were:APDES – Portugal (Coordinator), ASPECT – Bulgária, CRIES – Romania, Glafka – Tzchech Republic, IED – Greece, RIPESS Europe, Solidarius Italia, Technet – Germany

This document is the first part of a package of training modules aimed at promoting the Social Solidarity Economy at the level of Initial Vocational and Educational Training. This package is composed by the following training modules:

  • Module 1. Social Solidarity Economy Values and Principles

  • Module 2. Democratic Management in the Social Solidarity Economy

  • Module 3. Ethical and Solidarity Finance and Resources

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