Exploring the SSE for the SDGs: the online course


septembre 2023

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Résumé :

UNTFSSE (UN Inter-Agency Task Force for SSE) launches an open online course to raise awareness of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and how it can help to achieve the SDGs

Following the historic adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of the resolution “Promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy for Sustainable Development” (A/RES/77/281) on 18 April 2023, the UNTFSSE has launched an open online course that will allow UN Member States and intergovernmental bodies, United Nations entities, regional governments and organizations, policymakers, academia and think tanks, development banks, civil society (NGOs, foundations, voluntary groups, etc.), the private sector and media to get acquainted with basic concepts and practices of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and its central role in advancing inclusive and sustainable development.

The awareness-raising package has the modules accessible bellow:


Module 1 – The SSE as a game changer: understanding the concept and its building blocks

Module 2 – The social and solidarity economy as a tool for decent work and inclusion

Module 3 - Follow-up to the resolution concerning decent work and the social and solidarity economy

Module 4 - The pivotal role of the SSE in advancing inclusive and sustainable development

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